BIM: Why It Matters So Much

  You might have heard the term BIM, either in our articles, in passing, in a conversation, or maybe you use BIM on your construction projects. In the last decade, a lot of changes have been on the horizon in the construction sector. The digitalization of the industry, and constant update on new ways to get and use data on the market. The most popular has to be Building Information Modelling (BIM). Some of our readers are not yet BIM enabled, and not considering implementing BIM in their operations in the near future. I don’t think this article will change the way you do business, let’s be realistic, but I hope that it will make you consider planning to implement the technology. Building Smarter Building Information Modelling  is , in essence, a methodology. It is a method of communication present throughout the building process, from the pre-construction phase, to the post-construction services. In its ideal form, it seeks to eliminate the need for Requests for Information (RFIs).  It

FramR: Construction Layout With Laser


Construction layout will finally be modernized with this new technology!

When one of your walls is misplaced, do you find yourself in much trouble? Do jobs sometimes end up consuming more time than expected, robbing you of your budget? What if I told you the way you do layout on-site might be the cause of it? Hundreds of years of using the same techniques and tools have come of age… Let me introduce you to the FramR.

Meet The FramR

The solution for  a new, more efficient way of doing the layout on-site, FramR. Simplify the job to focus on what you do the best, building. 

Using laser technology and unprecedented on-site accuracy, the FramR is capable of taking your construction plan and projecting it on floors and ceilings. The technology shows you with precision where your materials should go on-site so you can leave your measuring tape at home. Use visual laser projection to detect potential clashes ahead of time and reduce rework. FramR will take human error out of the equation to boost productivity and profitability on-site with cutting-edge laser accuracy.

How Does It Work?

The FramR works by firing a moving laser on the floor to create an image, giving it the capability to recreate anything you want; shapes, text, and even perfect curves! No need to go over your floor multiple times to do your layout. Corridors, party walls, and internal division can all be done simultaneously now! Want to go faster? Shoot the tracks directly over the laser lines and skip the entire marking process.

Setup the FramR in under 5 minutes.: Position it by aiming at three points located on two perpendicular control lines. Once positioned, start projecting your layout up to a range of 10 meters.  Simply aim and mark away your floors!


How Can It Help You? 

You probably already have in mind how much time it takes to do one of your layouts. Now, imagine the same job without the need to take out your measuring tape. Instead, just snap over the laser line or shoot the tracks directly. To this day, our team has witnessed a 10x productivity increase while allowing workers to tackle complicated tasks. With decreased rework and an optimized layout process, contractors can save on time and complete projects as scheduled. Without a doubt, FramR gives you an edge. Now, what would you do with it?