BIM: Why It Matters So Much

  You might have heard the term BIM, either in our articles, in passing, in a conversation, or maybe you use BIM on your construction projects. In the last decade, a lot of changes have been on the horizon in the construction sector. The digitalization of the industry, and constant update on new ways to get and use data on the market. The most popular has to be Building Information Modelling (BIM). Some of our readers are not yet BIM enabled, and not considering implementing BIM in their operations in the near future. I don’t think this article will change the way you do business, let’s be realistic, but I hope that it will make you consider planning to implement the technology. Building Smarter Building Information Modelling  is , in essence, a methodology. It is a method of communication present throughout the building process, from the pre-construction phase, to the post-construction services. In its ideal form, it seeks to eliminate the need for Requests for Information (RFIs).  It

7 Reasons to Use Laser For Construction Layout


Why should you already be using lasers for your construction layout

Laser construction layout can save you time and money when it comes to prepping your new construction job site. It ensures your contractor knows precisely where all the walls, windows, and doors go without leaving room for error on the job site. Here are seven reasons why it’s important to use this type of construction layout.

  1. Precision with Laser Construction Layout
  2. No more rework
  3. Project on your ceilings! 
  4. Contractors are almost stress-free now 
  5. Codes and Standards are easier to follow
  6. Reduce building time
  7. Material waste decreases with FramR

1. Precision with Laser Construction Layout

The biggest advantage of using laser construction layout technology is that it’s precise. When you use chalk, it is difficult to ensure that your measurements are exact; chances are, your lines aren’t perfectly straight. These errors accumulate as you move along during construction and can result in costly mistakes down the road. With laser technology for layout, you can believe you won’t need to worry about these problems anymore.

2. No More Rework

A laser construction layout tool is a machine that uses a laser beam to create any shapes used to construct buildings. The laser beam can be used to layout an entire project site, making it easier for contractors to know where their walls, doors, windows, and other features will go. We can project lines, curves, letters, and numbers, it does matter. This makes construction more efficient and can help reduce risks of clashing and changes in orders.

3. Project on Your Ceilings!

RCP (reflected ceiling plan), is a blueprint of the ceiling. It has many applications, especially where cost-effective floor plan creation is important. One of its main advantages is its ability to show details and dimensions using CAD models accurately. Another significant advantage of laser construction layout software is that it’s very easy to use, and you don’t need any previous knowledge about 3D modelling. For example, the FramR is a laser construction layout machine that can easily project plans on the ceiling for you to use. Just download the plan in the FramR’s app and enjoy easy RCP!

4. Contractors are almost stress-free now

Saving time on a construction project is one of its greatest benefits, especially considering that construction is generally fast-paced. Using a laser layout projector will allow contractors to quickly create layouts without worrying about measurement mistakes. As a result, it significantly boosts productivity on the field, which will lower your building cost.

5. Codes and standards are easier to follow

Building construction requires strict codes and standards. These can be followed using laser construction layout software. Using laser machines, you will have a precision that will guarantee that your buildings will be up to the standards, and you will also have complex data to verify that the codes are followed. Following this, you also have the opportunity to have the main construction plan and the ‘’as-built’’ plan that you can refer to at the end.

6. Reduce Building Time

Contractors can save a lot of money in building time when using laser construction layout versus conventional methods. On average, contractors save about 30% on building time. Not only does planning take less time, but you can remove chalk altogether and place the tracks directly on the foundation.

Employee roll-out reduction is critical in today’s commercial construction world. With the shortage of qualified workers vs. the demand for projects, creating a substantial profit margin is getting harder. Use laser projection to accurately display where every piece of equipment and material must be placed before one hammer hits a nail. The process saves time on site and dramatically reduces errors associated with misinterpreted written blueprints. This means less labor cost while evolving your company’s workflow into an organized machine that profits from its efficiency.

7. Material Waste Decreases with FramR

Laser construction layout generates highly accurate building plans with the help of BIM (building information modelling), which leads to a lower amount of wasted materials. With standard construction layouts, waste is inevitable. After all, it’s hard to be precise with human measurements. A laser-generated layout done with the FramR also diminishes the margin of error by showing potential clashes & performing QC, which equals less rework, which means less material waste.and change orders. 

So, now you should significantly understand why taking the next step and digging more into our laser construction layout technologies is excellent for any company. I hope you enjoyed this article and learned from it! If you want more information, you can look around our website or email us anytime. For example, we would be happy to answer any question you might have on the FramR.