BIM: Why It Matters So Much

  You might have heard the term BIM, either in our articles, in passing, in a conversation, or maybe you use BIM on your construction projects. In the last decade, a lot of changes have been on the horizon in the construction sector. The digitalization of the industry, and constant update on new ways to get and use data on the market. The most popular has to be Building Information Modelling (BIM). Some of our readers are not yet BIM enabled, and not considering implementing BIM in their operations in the near future. I don’t think this article will change the way you do business, let’s be realistic, but I hope that it will make you consider planning to implement the technology. Building Smarter Building Information Modelling  is , in essence, a methodology. It is a method of communication present throughout the building process, from the pre-construction phase, to the post-construction services. In its ideal form, it seeks to eliminate the need for Requests for Information (RFIs).  It

The Bionic Worker, Soon on Our Jobsites


Following these difficult times, innovation in construction can only be positive.

Moreover, the job of construction workers is difficult and physically demanding. Nowadays, new technologies like EksoVest can be implemented in order to relieve the physical stress on the worker. We believe in the potential of this innovation in the construction sector, which is why we are presenting it to you; so that you can discover it.

Ekso Bionics, an American company founded in 2005 by Homayoon Kazerooni, Russ Angold and Nathan Harding in California, offers technologies to improve mobility, strength and human endurance.

From this company arises two different solutions: EksoHealth for the rehabilitation of strokes and spinal cord injuries, and more importantly for us, EksoWorks specialized in construction, manufacturing and industrial applications. EksoWorks is a created to help workers with their physical tasks. In addition, this solution provides the EksoZeroG which allows workers to sense heavy tools as if they were weightless, thus concentrate on the work without the experiencing stress of the weight.

Above all, the flagship solution proposed by Ekso Bionics, in partnership with Ford, is the EksoVest. It provides support for the worker’s arms in order to have more energy. But what exactly is EksoVest? The EksoVest is a type of external skeleton, or exoskeleton, that raises and supports the worker’s arms to assist in tasks. It ranges from chest height up to the head and allows a great freedom of movement. The technology of this solution lies mainly in the mechanics, as the product works without battery or motor.

To learn more, watch the video presenting the technology: