5 Trends of Rapid Rise of Digital Technology in Construction

Posted by Michael Saks on Sep 2, 2020 2:19:54 PM


The future of the construction industry looks bright when looking at all the latest developments in digital technology. According to a McKinsey report in 2016, there are 5 trends that will help shape construction in the coming years. This article seeks to explore these 5 trends as well as gives you something to look forward to.

1st Trend: Surveillance

This trend essentially refers to the evolution of technologies such as drones, GPS and other handheld radar/surveillance systems that can significantly increase speed and efficiency on many construction projects. An example of a tool being used right now is the method of Lidar. Lidar (Light Detection and Ranging) is a way for measuring distances by emitting infrared light pulses.


Rapid rise of construction technology


2nd Trend: 5-D Building Information Modelling

This trend really is the future of project and/or construction design. For the most part, many construction companies have been reluctant to adopt a variety of new technologies because they are used to a certain way of doing things and might be afraid of possible added costs. However, there are new applications and digital technologies that can dramatically improve, even revolutionize a construction project or building. One of these is BIM. Building information modelling or (BIM) is a 3-D model-based process that aids construction professionals with tools of vision and insight to design and build more efficiently. We will see this being adopted more throughout the next decade.

3rd Trend: Digital Collaboration and Mobility

This trend is the process of moving away from using paper and heading towards more online workspace, embracing the digital age. The ongoing utilization of paper creates difficulty when it comes to obtaining and saving integral data.

4th Trend: Internet of Things and Advanced Analytics

Due to the ever-growing sector of construction equipment, sites are beginning to clutter or fill up and become less spacious for construction workers. Also, the amount of data that is being procured at these sites have become overwhelming as a result and have now been increasingly difficult to share, determine and process. Certain aspects such as equipment monitoring and repair, inventory management, quality assessment, energy efficiency and safety can all be measured and gauged now through digital applications or programs which can help construction companies thrive in the 2020’s.

5th Trend: Future-proof designing and planning

According to the same 2016 McKinsey report, 80% of construction work is still being done on site. There are, however, new digital technologies that encourages off-site ways of working. This may prove to be more efficient and conservative of time and energy. The term “Green Construction” refers to the growing concern and push for construction materials to have less of an ecological and environmental impact. Also, the adoption of digital technologies and materials that provide less contamination of the Earth.



In conclusion, the goal of this article was meant to explore and highlight these 5 trends of digital technology in construction. Hopefully this gives companies, contractors and workers something to look forward and shows that the future is bright in this field.


5 construction trends


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